Latest Updates : Enroll Seniors four sessions per week on monday/ tuesday/ wednesday/ friday and Saturday.

Monday 4.30 to 5.30 Riverview park navratan
Tuesday 4 to 5.30 polo ground 7d
Wednesday 4.30 to 5.30 Ashok nagar
Friday & Saturday 4 to 5.30 nandini school navratan

Welcome To
पूज्य- Senior Citizen Center

A special place where your seniors can feel excited and have fun!


Pujaya is a private, non residential senior citizen centre developed professionally by Doctor, C.A. and Mass communication to provide our seniors a unique environment that shares, cares, respects and supports them in their daily life. A friendly social environment that includes:

Assessing need for visiting “Pujya”

Consider Pujya Senior Citizen center after pondering on these questions

1. Is your parent feeling isolated ,lonely and sad and would enjoy meeting peer group and socializing?
2. Is your parent nervous to remain alone in the house?
3. Is your elder parent/grandparent living alone by her/him self?
4. Is your parent suffering from chronic disease or recovering from a serious illness?

5. Is your parent movement slowing down?
6. Is your parent interested in developing new hobbies?
7. Does your parent get supervised physical/mental exercise?
8. Is it challenging to fix an appropriate doctor’s appointment for your parent ?

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Four Sessions Per Week

Visit Us At welcare center , 7D pologround opp. batheda house fatehpura , udaipur Enroll your senior for two day camp every week

Tuesday and Wednesday between 3.30 pm - 5.00 pm

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